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Woman head-butted in racist attack on Glasgow to Paisley train BBC News 20 March

Woman attacked on London Underground for speaking Spanish The Independent 13 April

‘No one flinched’: Woman describes racist attack on her and 11-year-old son on crowded train The Independent 26 April



These incidents, all from the first half of this year, remind us of a poisonous side effect of the Brexit referendum: intolerance and hatred. They provide a telling contrast to the much praised British values of tolerance and inclusivity, part of a British identity that needs to be rescued from EU domination.


Now Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has given a warning that after the UK actually leaves the EU next March, there is a real possibility that hate crime will again increase.


The statement did not seem to raise any undue concerns – it was accepted more or less in the way that people react to a weather warning by the Meteorological Office. If there is a chance of a storm, prepare and stay calm. Hate crimes happen, just like weather events; not much you can do about them.

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